Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Choosing Life

Today is Brad's birthday. Thirty-one years ago I delivered this beautiful human being into the world. Brad is my birthson.

Brad's wife, Karen, shared this on Facebook today:

"Everyone should wish this husband of mine a very happy birthday today.  It is truly my greatest joy being married to you.  Having you in my life has shown me the riches of the love of Christ, how to never cease in serving others, how to be strong while being compassionate and tender and so much more. 

You never seek the spotlight but continue to serve, love, and live with God always before you.  I am so thankful to be on this journey of parenthood with you.  You deserve the biggest celebration of life today! ...

We get to celebrate this man today because an amazing woman chose to make a brave choice and give him life.  And a great family chose to raise this man in a loving way.  Today will be a reminder of the power the positive impact just one life can have on the world."

Brad and Karen are expecting their little guy in January
I have wanted to share the story of choosing life for a long time.  I've had many starts but can never find the words to tell a story that is so intensely personal it is almost sacred.  I'm realizing that it may be impossible to do the story justice. It's the story of adoption.  But it is so much more.  It's the story of everyone whose life Brad has ever touched. His parents. His brothers in California and his siblings in Minnesota. His grandparents, nephews, cousins, and all of his friends who literally extend around the globe.  It is the story of his life with Karen and the new little human being that will push his way into the world--their son.

Most of all, it is the story of God's astounding grace.

Maybe one day I will be led to share more about my journey in choosing adoption.  But for now I just want to say Happy Birthday, Brad!  I am so grateful that you are in our lives.  You are loved more than you can know.   All my love,  Jacci