Sunday, June 7, 2015

A little too personal, don't ya think?

I struggle with how much to say in a blog. Basically blogs by their very nature can be a little narcissistic. You're writing about yourself. Or at least I do. And depending on how much I say it can get a little personal for a Facebook audience that includes Tom, Dick and Harry. Don't know if I want those guys to be reading about the life of this 50-plus-year-old woman.

Anyway, in an effort to keep it real-life stuff, which at times can get a little personal, I am no longer going to post the blog on Facebook, other than to a closed group.

So, if you are interested in following, great. Let me know by commenting or liking this Facebook post, and I'll add you to the group.

And, if you don't that's fine too.  I'll try not to be hurt. No really, it's okay. Our Facebook feeds get clogged with a lot we really don't want to see but get drawn in anyway. And then we start wasting time reading stuff we really didn't need. Kind of like junk food. Looks good, but then we have regret and indigestion after we scarf it.

So, bottom line, if you will read it, I'll write it. If I have only three in the group, well I'll get the hint and maybe look for another hobby.

But just so you know, I love all of my readers. All three of them.


Over fifty but younger than dirt,


P.S. Or you can follow by e-mail. Just sign up on the site. Graci.