Monday, May 11, 2015

A few more stories

It's been over two years since my last blog. I retired Mama Drama right after I retired from my midlife crisis. Mama Drama was my blog chronicling my musings and misadventures of the worst midlife crisis EVER. So once I turned 50 and the crisis was over (which didn't end without a fight, believe me), I was out of material for the blog.

After I hung it up, a few faithful readers urged me to start another one. But there wasn't much going on in our lives to write about. Dave and I had settled into a very pleasant, albeit lame, empty-nester existence. I doubted that anybody would want to read that we had gotten into our jammies at 6 o'clock the night before, watched the Weather Channel and then crawled into bed. 

But now that we're in the grandparent club, I have a few new perspectives. I will tell you this. Even though I will write some about being a grandma, I'm not going to be doing a "Grandma Blog."  No offense to the ones who have those, I just don't want to do one. I adore my granddaughter. She's the most amazing, lovable, and beautiful little six-month-old baby girl in the whole wide world. But my gushing on this fact might not be something everybody else finds so interesting.

So I'm over 50, I've joined the grandparent club, and I'm still musing. I might still have a few stories left in me. 

If you enjoyed my other blogs, join me with this one.

Stay tuned.

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